Today Tour of UK Country in Northwestern Europe

Today we will visit the UK, also known as the UK It is a country in northwestern Europe that has ruled 58 countries of the world for more than two centuries. Britain is the 78th most populous country in the region. England accounts for 32% of Scotland, 9% of Wales and only three% of Northern Ireland in the combined area of ​​the four countries of the UK.


Today Tour of UK Country

It is a country in northwestern Europe ruled by 58 other countries. The area of ​​the United Kingdom is about 2 million 42 thousand 900 square kilo In the fifteenth century. The British Empire was so vast that it had no sunset, in the Mughal period, there was a 40% tax on agriculture, which the British government reduced to 60%.

In the UK, if one goes above one hundred years, he is blessed with a special gift. In the UK, children over the age of five are allowed to drink alcohol at home or elsewhere. The UK capital is the capital of England. UK passport third in the world. Four million people visit the UK every year. London is the capital of England. England has the honor of being the UK’s oldest ancient and historical.

United Kingdom Universities

1.   The University of Cambridge.
2. The University of Oxford.
3. Durham University.
4. The University of Exeter.
5. The University of Aberdeen.
6. The University of East Anglia.
7.  The University of Strathclyde.
8. The University of Leeds.
9. The University of Bristol.
10. The University of Huddersfield.
11. Aston University.
12. The University of Birmingham.
13. The University of Glasgow.
14. De Montfort University.
15. Bangor University
16. The University of St Andrews.
17. Lancaster University.
18. The University of Nottingham.
19. The University of Bath.
20.Sheffield Hallam University.

U-K Best Places.

1. Buckingham Palace.
2. Tower of London.
3. The British Museum.
4. Enden Valley.
5. River Thames.
6. Coca-Cola London Eye.
7. Lunga.
8. Giants Causeway.
9. Big Ban.
10. Edinburgh.
11. Tower Bridge.
12. Durdle Door.
13. Stonehenge.
14. Portmeirion
15. Oxford.
16. Bath.
17. York Minster
19. Chester Zoo.
20. Bristol.

The U-K is a good and best country in terms of the tour. There are many good places in the U-K to visit. Many people visit the UK every year. There are many famous places in the U-K including Tower Bridge Universities etc and museums. Most tourists visit Oxford University London of the Bridge Tower of London.

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