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Pakistan Tour Pakistan Look Very Beautiful and Charming

Pakistan Tour Pakistan Look Very Beautiful and Charming. Pakistan became a separate country in 1947. In India, Muslims were Hindus and Sikhs, but they were conquered by the British. In India, Muslims were Hindus and Sikhs, but they were conquered by the British. Meanwhile, a Muslim man joined the Muslim League. His name was Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah always wanted to see Muslims free.

Pakistan Tour

A great Muslim great poet dreamed that Muslims are becoming a separate nation. The poet’s name was Allama Iqbal. Dr. Allama Iqbal expresses his wishes to Quaid-e-Azam and proposes a separate country. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted a separate nation first, but the British and Hindus were not in favor of this. Finally, after many struggles of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the sacrifices of Muslims, Pakistan came into existence in 1947. Pakistan introduced its first constitution in 1956.

Pakistan Tour Pakistan Look Very Beautiful and Charming

India invaded Pakistan in 1956, but in this war, India suffered a very bad defeat which damaged the relations between India and Pakistan which are still bad. India invaded Pakistan in 1956, but in this war, India suffered a very bad defeat which damaged the relations between India and Pakistan which are still bad. Pakistan is the only country with nuclear power in Islamic countries. Pakistan’s full name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan’s name was named by Pakistani activist Chaudhry Rahmat Ali.

Pakistan Tour Very Beautiful

The national animal of Pakistan is Capra falconeri. The national fruit of Pakistan is mango. Pakistan’s national bird is chukar. Pakistan’s national food is Nehari. Pakistan is a national sport of hockey, but cricket is much preferred in Pakistan. Pakistan’s capital is Islamabad, but Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city. There are several major universities in Pakistan. Bahawalpur is known as the city of universities. Pakistani seas are also present. Most Muslims live in Pakistan, but there are Hindu Sikh Christians in Pakistan. Pakistan is a completely independent country. There are many major city hospital universities in Pakistan.

Pakistan Provinces

  1. Balochistan
  2. Punjab
  3. Sindh
  4. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Top Best Cities Pakistan Tour

  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Rawalpindi
  • Faisalabad
  • Peshawar
  • Hyderabad
  • Sialkot
  • Gujranwala
  • Multan
  • Rahim Yar khan
  • Bahawalpur
  • Quetta
  • Khanewal
  • Sargodha
  • Sahiwal
  • Gujrat
  • Jhelum
  • Skardu
  • Jhang

About Lahore

Pakistan Tour Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan, Lahore is called the heart of Pakistan. People from Pakistan who come from abroad must visit Lahore. There are many places in Lahore for a series of fun, including the Minaret Pakistan Wagah Border Museum malls the University of Lahore. Apart from these, there are many ancient places in Lahore that people come from abroad to see. Since Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan, there are many beautiful places in Lahore. There is a famous saying in Pakistan that whoever has not seen Lahore has not been born. Shahi qila is also famous in Lahore. There are also big parks and zoos in Lahore. The zoo features high-quality animals that attract tourist attractions due to their beauty.

Top Best University’s In Pakistan

  • University of Lahore
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Punjab University
  • Faisalabad University
  • Sargodha University
  • Karachi University
  • Sindh University
  • Mehran University
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University
  • Agha khan University
  • Quaid I Azam University
  • Government College University
  • University of Central Punjab
  • International Islamic University
  • Air University Islamabad
  • Abdul Wali Khan University
  • University of Malakand
  • Fatima Jinnah Women University
  • King Edward Medical University
  • Information Technology University
  • Lahore University of Management

About University of Lahore

There are many universities in Pakistan where the student is being given higher education. The largest university in Pakistan is the University of Lahore, which is located in Lahore. The University of Lahore is the largest in Pakistan. Thousands are studying at the University of Lahore. The University of Lahore has a very good professor who is studying for students.

Top Best Hospital In Pakistan

  • Civil Hospital
  • Shifa International Hospital
  • Sindh Institute Urology and Transplantation
  • Jinnah Memorial Hospital
  • Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital
  • Agha Khan University Hospital
  • Combined Medical Hospital
  • The Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center
  • Punjab Institute of Cardiology
  • DHQ Hospital jhang
  • Government Hospital
  • Civil Hospital
  • Punjab Social Security Hospital
  • Benazir Bhutto Hospital
  • Rawalpindi General Hospital
  • Heart International Hospital
  • Shaikh Zayed Medical College and Hospital
  • Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi Institute of Cardiology Multan
  • Punjab Institute of Nuclear Medicine
  • Combined Military Hospital

About Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital

The most famous hospital in Pakistan is Shaukat Khanum Hospital. The hospital was built many years ago by the current president of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Imran Khan’s mother had cancer but at that time there was no cancer hospital in Pakistan which led to the death of Imran Khan’s mother. Imran Khan then built a hospital that can treat cancer and provide free treatment for cancer patients. Since then, many cancer patients have undergone free treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital and are still doing so. Shaukat Khanum Hospital is cured of many diseases besides cancer. Throughout the year, many ailments become healthy from Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Even today patients are treated free of charge at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Top best Places In Pakistan

  • Naltar Valley
  • Neelum Valley
  • Ayun and Bamburet Valley
  • Lake Saif-ul-Malook
  • Hunza Valley
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Minar e Pakistan
  • Faisal Masque
  • Mazar-e-Quaid
  • 10. Lahore Zoo
  • Bahawalpur Zoo
  • Karachi Zoo
  • Pakistan National Park
  • Murree Wildlife Park
  • Lake View Park
  • Clifton Beach Karachi
  • Russian Beach
  • French Beach
  • Noor Mahal
  • Pakistan Air Force Museum
About Murree

The most famous and very beautiful place in Pakistan Tour is known for its muree excursions. The beautiful location of Murree attracts not only the people of Pakistan but people around the world. Murree is located about an hour’s drive to the capital of Pakistan Dense forests in Murree delight the hearts of the beautiful valleys and clouded mountains. Murree is called Malka e kosher. In Murree, it gets a lot of snow in the winter. Because of this, the summer season is cold even in the summer. In summer, most people from Punjab and Sindh visit Murree. Murre is a great place to visit, especially from Murree.

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