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Download Apk for android Jelly: Slimes & ASMR, antistress simulation games Mod Jelly is your go-to slime/ASMR antistress app for soothing relaxation, visual satisfaction, and innocent fun.

You’ve probably heard about those crazy-popular ASMR and slime videos. What we offer is way better – it’s 100% interactive. Instead of just being the viewer, you get to be the creator of new slimes, perfecting them endlessly to your liking.

Need to relax here and now?
Poke around a slimy mass, get your senses triggered the ASMR way, or meditate – this one covers it all. Sensory stimulation is achieved by playing special crisp and immersive sounds known as triggers, causing what many describe as ‘a tingly feeling of relaxation’. Our antistress triggers include leafing through the pages of a book, crumpling up paper, sea sounds, and many others.

The app includes a great variety of slimes offering a chance to delve into the odd pleasure of poking, stretching, kneading, and otherwise exploring all the qualities of the fluffy mass any time you need to relax and take your mind off things. Playing with slime is highly pleasurable and addictive, in addition to being so beneficial and soothing.

What’s to love about the app:
— Jelly offers every antistress method available today. Play with fluffy squishy slime, lose yourself in the unique sensory pleasure of ASMR stimulation or relax in the middle of a working day.
— We focus on the technical side for a highly realistic tactile-visual sensory experience. You could say we take slime to a whole new level.
— You can get creative and build your own slimes – the sky is your limit.
— We keep working on expanding our collection of juicy slimes and ASMR triggers.

Enjoy the following key features within our exquisite antistress app:
— Slime simulator with juicy and squishy slimes to play with;
— ASMR slicing: enjoy the satisfying sounds of slicing through an object of your choice.
— ASMR section with a great choice of triggers;
— DIY slime builder – make your own and share with friends!
— Slime photo editor – upload and play with your own images;
— Relaxing nature sounds to get that antistress relief or go to sleep.

How the app works.
— The slime section is about activity and creativity. Squeeze, stretch, slice, poke, wobble, and do anything else you would do in real life, without having to study recipes for making the perfect slime.
— The ASMR section, on the other hand, is rather about being in the world of sounds triggering that incredible tingling response or helping you relax the way you couldn’t before.
Add decorations to any slime on your taste!
Upgrade your favorite slime and make your experience absolutely unique!

Slime or Photo Live Wallpaper
Apply your creativity to create one!

Besides that,
• Create your own slimes and ASMR triggers.
• Also in a photo section, you can create funny slimes with photos of your friends and play with it!
Check it out!

Jelly: Slimes & ASMR, antistress simulation games Games Apk + Mod Free on android game from currenttrendingtopics.

  • Title: Jelly: Slimes & ASMR, antistress simulation games
  • Ganre: Simulation
  • Update: 2020-12-28
  • Size: 77MB
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • Rating:
  • Support: Android 5.0+
  • ID: com.indexzero.jelly.slime.asmr.meditation.triggers

Jelly: Slimes & ASMR, antistress simulation games 1.4.5 screenshots 1Jelly: Slimes & ASMR, antistress simulation games 1.4.5 screenshots 2

MOD Features:

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Hacks
Unlimited Gadgets
Unlimited Money


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