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Download Apk for android 橘貓偵探社 Mod 歡迎來到橘貓偵探社!這是一間在線辦公的偵探社,社員不需要上班打卡、也不需要和客戶見面,大家只需要用手機交流就能破案喔!……什麼?據說你能用手機看到別人的真心話?那可真是太適合來我們這裡啦!

○ 在對話過程中選擇不同的發言,可以對故事的走勢造成一定影響。
○ 利用手機的特殊功能,可以看到遊戲角色心中隱藏的念頭。
○ 和遊戲角色互動、提升好感度,可以看到每個角色更多的私人動態。
○ 無論怎麼操作都必定可以完成故事,沒有懲罰也沒有負面結局,讓您無憂無慮輕鬆遊戲。
Welcome to the Orange Cat Detective Agency! This is an online detective agency. Members do not need to check in at work or meet with customers. You can solve the case by communicating with your mobile phone! ……what? It is said that you can see the truth of others on your mobile phone? That’s really suitable to come to us!

A fictitious chat software is built in the game, and all the story content is presented through the perspective of operating this software. You need to use this fictional software to communicate with the characters in the game to collect clues and gradually advance the plot.
○ Choosing different speeches during the dialogue can have a certain impact on the trend of the story.
○ Using the special functions of the mobile phone, you can see the hidden thoughts of the game characters.
○ Interact with the game characters and increase your favorability, and you can see more personal dynamics of each character.
○ No matter how you operate, you will definitely be able to complete the story, with no punishment or negative ending, allowing you to play with carefree and easy.

橘貓偵探社 Games Apk + Mod Free on android game from currenttrendingtopics.

  • Title: 橘貓偵探社
  • Ganre: Word
  • Update: 2020-12-26
  • Size: 77MB
  • Installs: 10,000+
  • Rating:
  • Support: Android 4.2+
  • ID: com.happyelements.xstorycatdetective

橘貓偵探社 1.1.7 screenshots 1橘貓偵探社 1.1.7 screenshots 2

MOD Features:

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Hacks
Unlimited Gadgets
Unlimited Money


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